Our scope of work & how we function

• Call for project proposals, open to cooperatives, small businesses, non-profit organizations and municipalities in Lebanon.

• Provision of funding, advice and support to grant recipients following a rigorous selection process.

• Direct provision of equipment and trainings to local groups to help them start or expand a business.

• A focus on economic development in order to improve the standard of living of individuals and their families and by that, the local socio-economic fabric.

• The association is initially financed by the own funds of its founding members. Apart from small structural costs incurred by the local team, all donations received will be used for the realization of projects, which will in turn contribute to the improvement of the Lebanese civil society.


• Education

While we are witnessing the start of a new ERA, the current education system needs a radical change from the ground, developing a new model of learning to be marked by creativity and moral values, leading toward purpose and inclusivity.

We have envisioned an innovative pedagogical ecosystem, a customized educational solution for early ages as the new way of learning through art, nature and creativity. The new system will develop the children’s engagement, interaction and autonomy and will embrace children’s diversity through a multimodal edutainment platform, a personalized learning which will deal with their emotional, cognitive and behavioral needs. Alissar will fund creative educational projects respecting these principles and pushing children to build themselves in the most open and creative way.

• Artistic & Cultural Awakening

• Women Empowerment

• Agriculture & Food

• Environment Friendly Application

• Plants, Cosmetics & Natural Medicine

• Water & Irrigation

• New Energies

• Advanced IT Applications

• Access for Information & Communication Technologies