Areas of Expertise within Alissar

Alissar presents a mosaic of experts in many different areas of intervention. From business planning to marketing and communication,
Alissar can bring various types of assistance to project holders in need of support.

Associative: our associative experts will be thrilled to share advice and experience on how to create an associative environment within an organization, in terms of project coordination, research methods & organisation management.

Business Plan: our business experts will evaluate business hypothesis, scenarios and planning and help you make sure your project is ready to start with solid basis, thus ensuring sustainability.

Communication: our communication experts will help project holders to identify how to convey with their targets, increase their visibility and how to implement the best communication channels.

Engineers: our engineers covering many fields such as energy, telecommunications, new technologies, … will assess the technical features of the projects and ensure the feasibility, the technical and programmatic challenges and capacity building needs.

Entrepreneurs: our entrepreneurial experts will evaluate any project in need of program development and company creation, as a push for a start-up, or advising existing structures under development.

Ethics: our members defending our ethical values will ensure that projects are sharing those values, principles and practices, within and beyond the project.

Marketing: our marketing experts will help project holders to identify their target market, assess their strategy, and assist them with creative ways in order to succeed in their marketing strategy and expectations. Moreover they will facilitate the commercialization channels outside Lebanon.