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Story-telling Alissar: Leading & Inspiring Through Adversity

Alissar was shaped and crystallised by Mustapha Elriz and Hussein Barazi. The elaboration, design and implementation of this project was a long term work built over several months. In a second phase, Jean Pierre Sabbagh (with international experience and a solid humanitarian practice) joined the duo. All three of them could not help but notice the inexorable degradation of their country in all sectors.

It was then that they took the initiative to create Alissar, joined in 2020 by Mohamed Badran and Manon Fleury, followed by about twenty other members and facilitators.

Alissar’s name enlightens the architecture of the project: “Association for a Social, Solidarity-based Lebanon, Actor of its Reconstruction”. “Lissa” (“not yet” in Arabic) also shows the long road still to be travelled.
Alissar’s first mission is to create an environment conducive to a social and solidarity economy. The implementation of a charter of very precise criteria valorising the Lebanese know-how and resources as well as the respect of the environment and ethical principles, was the first string of Alissar’s bow. By supporting project leaders who respect this charter, and thanks to the establishment of connections between Europe and Lebanon, Alissar contributes to the achievement of its objectives. It must be a link between local Lebanese entrepreneurs as well as donors and the different international communities, through academic links.

All donations and expertise collected are used for the benefit of Lebanese society through funding and support to project leaders. This combination of different technical and financial tools will have a lasting influence on the community as a whole.

The key word being transparency, the keystone of a trusting, solid and long-lasting relationship between all the actors, Alissar builds and reinforces in a first step strong relationships with key local actors in Lebanon (local NGOs, universities, Lebanese start-ups). It perceives the diversity of projects, which enables it to ensure a clear vision of the needs and desires of local actors.

Long-term objectives for Alissar:

-create a network based on the principles of social & solidarity economy by building bridges between talented people, entrepreneurs and business leaders.
-reforming and strengthening the economy
-reduce the unemployment rate
-increase exports
-giving the younger generation hope for a future in their country.

Alissar ambitions local investigations and innovations (urban/rural areas, mountains/valleys.) Aware of the critical situation in Lebanon, it works for the training and support of future project leaders, in liaison with the diaspora and friends from Africa, France and throughout the world. The slow evolution of sovereign priorities commits it even more.

Finally, for having shaped it like a mosaic by the combination of diverse ideas and different backgrounds, we thank the members of the Alissar team, the diaspora, donors and volunteers who have made this possible. This is the very essence and the spirit of Alissar, eager to develop itself in Lebanon and to be one of the modest contributors to the country’s future.

By mixing different sectors and cultures, perhaps we will be able to better understand and act, so that every Lebanese can live in harmony in a new Lebanon.