“A strengthened civil society that is multicultural, entrepreneurial and respectful of the rights of minorities and of the environment can only be beneficial to rebuild the Lebanon of tomorrow with the help of neutral and impartial aid.”


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Mustapha El Riz

Mustapha Elriz is a Telecom Engineer Paris + MBA. Mustapha worked in industry, then managed two companies: a satellite operator and a space systems consulting company.

Active in the humanitarian sector in Africa and the Middle East, he has been cooperating for ten years in the Social and Solidarity Economy in Occitania.

Member of the Board of Directors of Initiatives pour une Economie Solidaire, he participates in the appraisal and support of projects in Occitania. Creative, skilful and willing to push back constraints, Mustapha is endowed with an entrepreneurial spirit. Coming from a great cultural diversity, both African and Oriental (parents from Tyre and birth in Senegal, the host country) Mustapha is convinced that new socio-economic models are necessary for the renewal of Lebanon.

In addition to a humanist vision, Mustapha wants a dynamic approach to search and accompany project leaders and solicit the support of the Lebanese diaspora in Europe and Africa.

Proposed at the head of Alissar, Mustapha intends to bring a corporate culture, a shared social and solidarity ethic, finally an energy and a common love of Lebanon, country of its ancestors.

Get in touch: melriz@alissar.org; mustapha.elriz@gmail.com

Manon Fleury

Manon Fleury has specialised in conflict resolution through mediation and is currently undertaking a master's degree in peace-building and humanitarian issues.

During her first year in Beirut, she worked with the NGO Amel Association, alongside Dr Kamel Mohanna, on health and education issues in vulnerable communities. She participated in the writing of the Doctor's latest book on a "return to the essence of humanitarianism", in a context where, unfortunately, many structures seem to be moving away from it.

She continues her quest in Lebanon by creating an association which promotes the local artistic scene. A haven for artists where everyone is free to join the gatherings and events organised, Maldek aims to promote cultural and artistic exchanges within the Lebanese community, with the aim of promoting their talents and setting up collaborations. It then launches Maldek in partnership with the local hub of independent entrepreneurs, Antwork.

Manon took part in the foundation of Alissar's associative project and now accompanies it on a daily basis as secretary & project coordinator, in order to contribute to the achievement of its objectives.

Get in touch: mfleury@alissar.org; manon-fleury@hotmail.fr

Hikmat Achkar

Hikmat Achkar is a PhD in Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) obtained from the University of Toulouse III. He obtained his degree in Electromechanical Engineering from the Lebanese University Faculty of Engineering II. He has spent his career in the aeronautics field in structural certification as well as in the management of innovative projects.

 Active in humanitarian work for Lebanon, he is a founding member and member of the Board of Directors of the association Les Amis Du Liban- Toulouse. He is also active in ecology, he is a member of the Board of Directors and innovation advisor to the association Récup Occitanie. The idea of creating Alissar comes from the conviction that new socio-economic models are necessary for the renewal of Lebanon.

 Hikmat is creative, a driving force in the realisation of projects and dynamic. His objective is to participate in the change that Alissar will bring and he will put all his energy into it for the success of this mission.

Get in touch: hikmatelachkar@hotmail.com

Mohamad Badran

Mohamad Badran was born and raised in Lebanon. Completed his Bachelor in business administration and MBA in Human Resources Management from EU business school Barcelona. His catalyst to strive and keep on moving forward, is people’s motivation and satisfaction. Mohamad have shifted his career to humanitarian after the last explosion that took place in Beirut. He saw and felt the negligence from his government to his people.

Helping in the creation of Alissar gave Mohamad a strong sense of belonging, assertiveness and engagement to make it better to his people.

Mohamad will be one of the project coordinator in Beirut, Lebanon.

Get in touch: mbadran@alissar.org

Tala Atieh

Tala Atieh: With a background in Physics from the American University of Beirut, and Aerospace Engineering from ISAE-SUPAERO, Tala started her career in PwC where she is currently a senior consultant for the Space Sector. Within her Job Tala supports Space Agencies in developing and evaluating their space programs, strategies and policies, additionally she supports the space companies in developing their business models and go-to-market strategies.

Tala was also active in the humanitarian development domain while in Lebanon, as she volunteered for 5 years in the Lebanese Red Cross for both the emergency services and the disaster risk reduction services, and was the representative of the LRC youth volunteers in the MENA region. Tala now accompanies Alissar as an expert and member of the board of directors.

Get in touch: tatieh@alissar.org

Jean-Pierre Sabbagh

Jean-Pierre Sabbagh: Jean-Pierre's career has taken place in the world of oil, in particular the company Coflexip with an ambitious technology that made it possible to lay and bury flexible pipelines made of steel and polymers on the seabed. He started as an R&D Engineer and ended up as CEO of an operating subsidiary.

He worked with the oil company Statoil in Norway for three years on a strategic project. 

He joined the Institut Français du Pétrole from 2000 to 2005 as Director of Gr owth - Drilling and Production and then became CEO of their subsidiary Editions Technip.

He then joined the Compagnie Générale de Géophysique - CGG to remain there from 2005 to 2016, where he was notably Director of Seabed Seismic and then CEO of the company Multiwave in Norway acquired by CGG to enter the closed and very promising circle of seabed seismic. He was requisitioned by the CEO to become the HR Director of the Group, which had ten thousand employees worldwide with a stock market valuation of 10 billion euros.

In 2017, he created a non-profit association "From education comes hope". He formed a highly motivated group with Myrna Sabbagh and Gérard Planchenault and with the help of two Lebanese NGOs, Malaak and Basmeh & Zeitooneh, they criss-crossed the roads of Lebanon to meet Syrian refugee families. From this journey, a book and several exhibitions in France and New York were born. It is on this occasion that the meeting with Mustapha Elriz took place for a new associative adventure.

Get in touch: sabbaghjeanpierre@gmail.com

Hussein Barazi

Hussein Barazi: Hussein started his career with PALL Corporation, a Danaher Corporation company, in 1992 as sales engineer in France. During his 28 years within Pall Corporation, he managed commercial team in France in 1996, in Benelux in 1999, appointed as Pall France export director in 2003 before relocating with his family to UAE from 2010 till 2017 as General Manager for Pall Middle East.

In 2017, Hussein relocated back to France. In addition to his role as Vice president for Europe, Middle East and Africa, he is the General Manager and president for Pall France and Pall Spain.

During his journey with Pall Corporation, he managed to set up new entities in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi and Morocco. This includes recruiting over 100 employees in different functions, setting up full-fledged operations, re-assessed and established route to the market, terminated 12 none performers distributors and appointed new sales channels. He launched new applications in new geographies, set up a Joint Venture in Saudi Arabia, a services hub and a manufacturing plant.

Hussein’s passion are business growth and people development, supported by a diverse and engaged teams which led to achieving and exceeding plans and targets.

Hussein has a true sense of dedication, friendship, empathy, generosity, and an analytical mind for handling complexity. He always cares for justice, and is positive, forward oriented and ideally positioned to problem solving.

Prior to joining PALL, he worked as automation engineer in a steel mill plant, an ArcelorMittal company, in the south of France.

Hussein holds a Masters’ degree in Electrical Engineering from I.N.S.A Lyon, France. He is one of the founders of Alissar and he supports it with his technical expertise and ideas.

Get in touch: hussein_barazi@gmail.com

Pascaline Serard

Pascaline Serard is an accountant by profession but a volunteer at heart. At every stage of her life, she has been involved in various associations (student clubs, circus school, her children's nursery). She is devoted and resourceful. Today, she is learning and sharing her knowledge with Alissar and its social and solidarity based and entrepreneurial philanthropy projects, as a member of the board and treasurer.

Get in touch: pascaline.serard@free.fr



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