Jay Joseph

Professor at American University of Beyrouth and coordinator of the Business-in-Conflict Areas Research Group (BICAR)

Alissar is a collaborative, beneficiary-centered non-profit seeking to do one thing, and one thing only – support Lebanese businesses and the broader economy that is reeling from the crisis in Lebanon. Alissar’s pragmatic approach, which combines industry expertise, academic excellence, and proven business models, offers promise as a model that can leave a lasting economic and social impact on a region in desperate need.

Alain Daou

Assistant Professor, Olayan School of Business-AUB
Chair of the SME Impact Initiative- Khaddit Beirut

Alissar vision and objectives are exactly what Lebanon needs now. This is an opportunity to rethink how businesses work as this is the only way to ensure a sustainable future for our beloved country. Economic, social and environmental sustainability go hand in hand, this is the Lebanon we dream of, and aim to build.

Mustapha Elriz

Satellite Engineer & Entrepreneur, Alissar co-founder

Similarly to the metaphore of the colibri who is trying to extinguish a fire in the forest with the tiny volume of water it can carry, our Alissar team of volunteers of the emergency, aim to develop an entrepreneurial philanthropy to construct modestly but armed with lucidity, in harmony with ethical and well established organizations such as Al. Fanar, Khaddit, and other NGO’s, a solidarity based Lebanon.

Roula Youssef

Co-founder of Bluebee creation, founder of Yzness publishing.
Creator of Book of Beirut initiative

After the Beirut Blast in August 4, 2020, meeting Mustapha was a spark of Hope to me.
Mustapha believed in my cause for children of Beirut and this gave me the motivation needed not to give up and follow my dream to become a reality: “Book of Beirut”.
“Alissar” ‘s mission and vision is what we need in Lebanon, especially now.
This is an opportunity to reeducate a new generation based on humanity, Art and Culture, that are the essential pillars to reinvent and rebuild our country on solid ground.

Ralph Khairallah

Chief Growth Officer Beirut Digital District

My interaction with Mustapha gave me hope, not only because he is creating Alissar to support Lebanese entrepreneurs; but because Mustapha is one of the most determined individuals that you might come across. He will lead change no matter what stands in his way. I learned that: Lebanon will become a better place, one small action in the right direction at a time.