Alissar’s program has for aim to support and “label” all the existing or potential projects respecting some certain criteria of sustainability, ethics, supporting local resources and know-how. If you have a plan that could create employment, shared value, improve your community’s life on a local scale and enhance some promising sectors in Lebanon, the take a deep look on Alissar’s list of program of intervention to help create a solidarity-based economy. The concept of our programs is to give hope and motivation to people, especially the youth and women.

All the projects submitted will be discussed by Alissar’s team who is also ready to help you shape your project to meet their criteria. Projects accepted by our team will be granted a financial support and/or technical support depending on the needs, in order to sustain and develop ideas. You can apply to any of our intervention sectors below. Don’t hesitate to contact us for further questions!


1. Education

2. Artistic & Cultural Awakening

Art and culture are the two essential pillars in the formation of the Lebanese culture and society. Improving it will enhance people’s mental and physical health, and it will create a hub for artists to share their knowledge, experience and their work.

Alissar will fund cultural projects related to the enrichment of the Lebanese art and culture.

• Cultural events (festivals, workshops and art gathering)

• Artists hub

• Art classes 

• Cultural seminars

3. Women Empowerment

4. Agriculture & Food

5. Environment Friendly Application

6. Plants, Cosmetics & Natural Medicine

7. Water & Irrigation

8. New Energies

9. Advanced IT Application

10. Access for Information & Communication Technologies

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